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Our Terrible Moms have been meeting, supported and empowered each other since 2005. Hundreds of mothers have participated to the project.

Our groups are peer support groups led by peer support counselors and open to any mother with a teenage child. In the groups, we talk about our daily life and concrete challenges and experiences, such as setting rules, money, games and uses of phones, emotions, and other topics relevant for mothers of teenagers.

This is why we are now developing activities for multicultural mothers of teenagers, who also face the challenges and joys of living in a multicultural family.


Do you have an adolescent child? Do you live in a multicultural environment? Would you like to share your thoughts and experiences with other mothers? Then yes, Terrible Mothers peer support groups are made for you!

Our multicultural activities are meant to create a space where all mothers living in a multicultural environment could meet. Are you a foreigner? Has your teenage child a foreign background? Is your family multilingual? Are you an adoptive parent? Do you want to share your experience in a group where mothers come from different cultures and backgrounds? All mothers who live multiculturality in their life with a teenager are welcome to our peer support groups!


Terrible Moms (Kamalat äidit®) is an initiative offering peer support for mothers whose children are going through puberty. The main focus is on mother support groups that are about dealing with themes related to parenthood and the life of women, giving information about puberty, and encouraging mothers to share their thoughts with other women. Peer support and discussions can bring about empowerment and new mental resources to everyday life. Our multicultural groups also focus on themes such as identity building, culture and language challenges, and are in different languages.

Terrible Mothers operates nationwide. It is coordinated by YWCA of Finland and funded by Funding Centre for Social Welfare and Health Organizations (STEA).

Terrible Mothers was developed by the Oulu local association of YWCA of Finland and it is a registered trademark. Support group operations have been successfully running since 2005.

Terrible Mothers is implemented by setting up support groups around the country. The groups are established together with volunteers and various partners. The peer counselors receive training and they can attend nationwide meetings organized regularly. There are also further training opportunities available for them. In addition, they have the Terrible Mothers counselor’s guidebook and other material to help them run the groups.


After the first meeting, the group continues as a closed group, to ensure confidentiality.

  • Terrible Mothers’ groups meet everywhere in Finland, in person and online, and new groups start all the time. You can find more information about the peer support groups on the calendar.
  • We meet between 6 and 10 times once a week or twice a month, depending on the group.
  • We will make sure that all the mothers interested in our activities can participate. Therefore, we will have groups in Finnish, simplified Finnish, English and other languages based on our volunteers and participants’ wishes.
  • If there are no Terrible Mothers group in your city, you can start one! Check out our group leader material and get in touch with us! You can also give a look to our articles and other kind of interesting material!
  • Follow us and meet other terrible moms on our Facebook page.


If you’re a mother of a teenager and want to be active, gain skills, meet and support others, would you like to become a volunteer peer counselor in your own city?

All our peer support groups are led by two peer support counselors, who have received an onboarding and a specific training. In the training, you will familiarize yourself with our activities, concrete ways of leading a peer support groups and to organize discuss our specific themes and topics. Our volunteers can use our terrible mothers material and receive support from our project worker and project coordinator.

We don’t require any specific educational background to become a peer support counselor. If you don’t have experience in leading small groups, we will make sure to provide you sufficient training. If you are at lest two mothers interested in becoming volunteers in your city, we will organize a training! Get in touch with us!

Multicultural Terrible Mothers groups are specifically aimed at mothers who live in a multicultural environment. The groups can be in any languages, feel free to get in touch with us!


Our partners have for now been Suomen Pakolaisapu, with whom we have planned and launched a multicultural Terrible Mothers pilot group in the capital region. We are also also working with Kalliolan Setlementti. Our groups are meeting in Kalliolan Setlementti’s neighborhood houses (asukastalo).

Our activities towards multicultural mothers aim at creating a space of empowerment and experience sharing, for a specific group of mothers of teenagers, who experience multiculturality in their daily life. Our groups can be in any languages, in order to open the participation and the volunteering opportunities to mothers who speak Finnish or not. Our groups are open for example to foreign born mothers, members of multicultural families, adoptive parents or mothers who are interested in being part of a peer support group where women share different cultural backgrounds.

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