For peer support group leaders

Are you a mother of a teenager and do you need support in your daily challenges? Could you support other mothers in the same situation?

You’re warmly welcome to becaome a Kamalat äidit® peer-support group leader!

Each group is led by two volunteer peer-support group leaders, who have received the training in the Kamalat äidit model organized by the Finnish YWCA.

In this on-boarding training, you’ll get to know our activities, how to lead groups as well as the themes discussed in the groups.  The peer-support group leaders get access to Kamalat äidit® material bank as well as support from the workers to set up and during the group.

We do not expect our peer-support group leaders to have any specific educational background.  It is possible to add a group leading section to the on-boarding if you have never led a small group before.

If there are at least two people interested in being a peer-support group leader in your locality, we can organize a training for you. The trainings can also be done online.

Support to the group leaders

We organise national and regional events and continuation trainings for the peer-support group leaders. The aim is to provide the opportunity for our volunteers to exchange ideas and thoughts, to support their well-being as well as to provide them with information on current topics. The peer-support group leader also have access to work guidance.

Dialogue and peer-to-peer relations in the Kamalat äidit® groups

In the dialogue during the leading process of a Kamalat äidit® group, both the participants and the volunteers have the opportunity to learn something new. Our goal is equal discussion and group work. In the group, we discuss about daily life challenges such as curfews, use of money, intoxicants and addictions. The coping and well-being of the mothers is also a big part of our work.

The peer support group leader’s way of being present and listening to others encourages and at the same time gives an example to all the participants in the group. A peer-support group leader’s own life experience is enough to be an expert.

Listening in a group is an active activity which aims to understand as precisely as possible what the speaker wants to say and what she means. In the Kamalat äidit groups, every mother gets to speak and, together, we find ways and solutions to everyday challenges.

Reflecting, tolerating uncertainty, acknowledging emotions and moving forward with them are good elements in a group leading.

Are you made to be a peer-support group leader?

The peer-support group leaders are not required to have any particular educational background or special expertise. However, we expect you to embody peer-to-peer relations, that is that you would be or have been yourself a mother of a teenager. Alternatively, you could for example work with adolescents or their families.

Motivation – the desire to support others, learn new things and develop themselves.

Values– equality, women’s rights and status, respect and acknowledgement for people’s individuality and differences.  

Balanced life situation– good possibilities to support others and the to commit to regular group leading.

Being fitted for leading a group, personality– reliable, inspiring, cooperative, spontaneous and empathetic.

Looked as an advantage:

  • You have your own experience of participating to a peer-support group.
  • You have a previous experience in leading a peer-support group.
  • Your educational background, other specific skills.

Setting up a group – supported by a local partner, such as a YWCA local association, parish, municipality or organisation.

The peer support groups are led with ”normal people” skills!

Would you like to become a volunteer peer-support group leader and start a Kamalat äidit ® group in your locality?

Ask for more information and join us in rewarding and empowering activities!

  • The Kamalat äidit groups meet in many different places all around Finland and new groups are started all the time.  You can find more information about the groups in our calendar ora sk directly to our team via email:
  • If there isn’t any Kamalat äidit group in your city, you can start one yourself! Contact us at:
  • You can register for the training in English in 2023
  • Follow us and share with others on social media on our Facebook page.
Graafinen materiaalipankkikuva

Kamalat äidit volunteers’ material bank in English.

Terrible Mothers group leader training is renewed!

We renewed the Terrible Mothers’ group leader training in Finnish on the Howspace learning platform during the spring 2023. The current Terrible Mothers group leaders’ orientation will prepare you to lead a peer group for mothers of teenagers or to take on different Terrible Mothers’ volunteer roles.

In the renewed peer support group leader training, we will offer an opportunity for a short introductory chat with a Terrible Mothers worker right at the beginning of the training process. During the conversation, you will learn more about the activities, about us and about the upcoming orientation, and we will get to know you a little better. Howspace training involves independent, self-paced study of the material, tasks and exercises, and one joint, time-bound, online distance learning session.

At the end of the training, a discussion is held with each of the instructors involved to discuss issues such as how to start the peer support group.

Howspace is a collaborative virtual environment that is simple and safe to use. We will guide and help you to use Howspace.

For the time being, the English and plain-language (Easy Finnish) orientation will be provided via Teams as follows:

Terrible Mothers group leaders’ trainings in English

The training has been postponed, new dates will be announced at a later date.

If you are a mother of a teenager and would like to be a peer support group leader, you are warmly welcome to join the Terrible Mothers group leaders’ training!

For more information on orientation, contact the Terrible Mothers’ coordinator:

Anna Helin-Valtonen,, 040 411 5967