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Kamalat äidit® – peer support group for mothers of teenagers.

“I have more faith in myself; I am a good mom as I am”.

Is your child’s puberty a challenge for your family? Would you like to share your thoughts with other mothers in the same life situation as you?

Join a Kamalat äidit peer-support group!

Kamalat äidit® organizes peer support activities for mothers of teenagers. In the groups, we discuss around parenthood and themes related to women’s lives, share knowledge about teenage years and encourage mothers to talk and share their thoughts with the other participants.

The groups are open to all mothers of teenagers. After the first meeting, to ensure confidentiality, the group continues as a closed group.

The Kamalat äidit® groups are peer-support group leaders’ led groups, to which every mother of teenager can participate. In the group, we discuss about daily life challenges such as curfews, use of money, intoxicants and addictions, as well as about the things that the mothers are wondering and want to talk about.

The peer support groups meet every second week, 10 times in total, for approximately an hour and a half each time. 4 to 10 mothers can participate to the group. We expect the participants to be committed for the 10 times.

Peer-support activities

  • Are a reciprocal and confidential exchange of experience.
  • Are based on people’s need to give and receive support from one another.
  • Are about sharing one’s own experience and life situation in an environment which respects each participant.

Would you like to join?

  • The Kamalat äidit groups meet in many different places all around Finland and new groups are started all the time.  You can find more information about the groups in our calendar ora sk directly to our team via email:
  • If there isn’t any Kamalat äidit group in your city, you can start one yourself! Contact us at:
  • Follow us and share with others on social media on our main Facebook page and our multilingual Facebook page.

Kamalat äidit® operating model is a registered trademark since the Autumn 2013. The Finnish YWCA coordinates it and STEA is its funder.

Moms’ feedback

” This was a good pause for my own mind. It was so nice, great.”

“ The peer support was meaningful”.

“the peer support has made my life easier”

”I’m a more kind towards myself”

”You always get support, cheers, strength”

”I dared to speak in the group and I got strength”.

The image of a mother sacrificing all her dreams to her husband and children is an inspiring example. But what about you? You deserve your dreams. You’re a wonderful mother, and you’re also a wonderful woman.

Pam Brown

Terrible mothers’ activities, autumn 2023

Interactive workshop for mothers of teenagers

Terrible mothers’ workshops where participants have a chance to get familiar with the Terrible mothers’ activities and workshops

31.8.2023 (17:00 – 18:30) Yelling or speaking calmly, communication with the teenager – registration

Evenings for moms of teens

Expert information on parenting topics of teenagers

2.10.2023 (18:00 – 19:30)  Supporting teenagers on social mediaregistration

Online (Teams)

There will be a brief presentation of Terrible Mothers’ activities at the beginning of this online event.

Chats in English

Come and chat about the day to day joys and challenges you face as a mother of a teenager with peer counsellors on the Tukinet platform

3.10.2023 (20:00 – 21:00) Link to the chat

7.11.2023 (20:00 – 21:00) Link to the chat

Orientation for peer support group leaders

After participating in our orientation, you will be able to lead a group or facilitate a chat to support mothers of teenagers in a meaningful way. Groups can also be held online and/or in a different language. We offer group leader trainings in English (and Easy Finnish) about twice a year, see our website for details. We also organise additional training and recreational activities for our instructors!

The new Terrible Mothers group leader orietation is renewed!

We have successfully piloted the upgraded group leader training on the Howspace learning platform in spring 2023. The orientation will include an introductory chat with a Terrible mothers coordinator, self-study of the material, online tasks, and exercises, and one live lecture. New instructors will have the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the group through demo workshops.

Finally, a discussion will take place with each instructor who has completed the induction, to discuss together issues such as how to start the group. In the autumn, the orientation sessions for instructors in English will take place in Howspace as follows:

September – October in English

20.9 preliminary tasks (Howspace platform opens)

27.9 at 17:00 – 20:00 live lecture

4.10 diversity and inclusion opens

11.10 at 17:00 – 19:00 demo workshop

18.10 Howspace platform closes


Selkokielinen Kamalat äidit -ohjaajaperehdytys uudistuu!

Pilotoimme onnistuneesti keväällä 2023 uudistunutta ohjaajakoulutusta Howspace-oppimisalustalla.
Perehdytykseen kuuluu jatkossa mahdollisuus tutustumiskeskusteluun Kamalat äidit -työntekijän kanssa, omatoimista materiaaliin perehtymistä, tehtävien ja harjoitusten tekemistä verkossa sekä yksi live-luento. Uusien ohjaajien on mahdollista tutustua ryhmäkertaan demo työpajoissa.
Lopuksi jokaisen perehdytyksen suorittaneen ohjaajan kanssa käydään keskustelu, jossa pohditaan yhdessä mm. ryhmän käynnistämiseen liittyviä asioita.

selkokieliset ohjaajaperehdytykset järjestetään syksyllä Howspacessa seuraavasti:

marras-joulukuussa selkokieli

6.11 ennakkotehtävät (Howspace alusta aukeaa)

13.11 klo 17:00 – 20:00 live luento

20.11 monimuotoisuus osio aukeaa

27.11 klo 17:00 – 19:00 demo työpaja

4.12 Howspace alusta sulkeutuu


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